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Meet Tiny Trump: The Meme that Makes the Internet Great Again

Do Not Share, This is so Disrespectful [Sarcasm]

The internet went in a frenzy in the course of last week when photoshopped images of a miniature version of Trump appeared online. Absolutely brilliant! Tremendous!

Needless to say that social media had a field day; in particular those of us who are appalled, to say the least, by his pseudo policies, bigotry and above all his whiny man-child ways. He doesn’t measure up shows “smallish” behaviour.

I’m reminded of Molly Ivins quote:

“Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.”

In the case of #TinyTrump we’re flirting with ridicule and a lot of truth with the tiny symbolism. I mean, what can he expect after having been so disrespectful to virtually everyone in the World except his base?

Knowing the Twitter troll that he is, rumor has it that he is furious about this. So enjoy and share away!

There’s even a YouTube video that brings the meme to whole new level. Watch.

There are things the Twitter in Chief cannot unsee.

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