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Listen to my New Song “People Calling”

Inspired by the Real World.

Listen on either of these links:

People Calling came to life after I received an invitation to perform live at an event for the outgoing UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Maina Kiai. I wrote the song in context with his work on the right to peacefully protest and the era we’re living in.

The phenomenal reception the song received motivated me to create the studio version. People Calling is a soundtrack to the direction of today’s World. I wouldn’t call it “Conscious Hip Hop”, rather Hip Hop with a conscience. As an artist I freely speak my mind whether right or wrong. And what I feel right now is that there’s a lot of anger in the world, with good reason.

People are calling for change, for an end to the greed that is at the root of the many evils we’re facing. People Calling captures that sentiment and paints a vivid picture of what I personally feel. We’re tired, we’re angered, we’re frustrated because we know we could do so much better. We’re not here to steal the pie from anyone, we’re here to grow the pie for everyone.

I also feel that we can’t afford to be numb to the injustices and violence we see every day, which is what the Powers-That-Be are aiming for. These lyrics express this feeling:

We just want to meet

Standing on our feet

But, they want us to sleep

Never be so deep


Many of us are tired of being fed daily futile entertainment and distractions as if everything was fine, meanwhile “Rome is burning”.

People Calling is 4 minutes of uncompromised truth with banging drums. Press play, feel the vibes and perhaps give it a couple listens to check some of the lyrics out.

And if you like it, share it around to give the song more strength and impact. Thank you!


About me

O.D. is my artist name and Olistone is also one my monikers, go figure. I am a Haitian-American artist living in Switzerland. I’ve been rapping and performing since the age of 16. I’m now embarked on a journey to perfecting my artistic output, so if you want to know more, you can connect with me on instagram and twitter.


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